Customized caskets, designed to your individual taste. Hot rod, muscle car, low rider and total custom designs. All of our art work is custom airbrushed, not vinyl or photographed. Our exclusive bench cushion seat design means  that it can be used until the day comes that it's needed for its original purpose, (dome lights and seat belts are optional).


Start Here:
View our base models. Select your preference of handles and embellishments and choose between square or rounded corners .
View our  amazing graphics. From Camaro striping to detailed airbrushed graphics, we've done it all. See our graphics gallery.
Browse our more popular designs. See our hot rod, low rider, muscle car and Egyptian coffin customized examples.
View sample cremation urns and car coolers.
Never purchase a casket before? You don't say? Have lots of questions? Check out our FAQ page or give us a call: (602) 791-5406.
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